Need help? Here are our FAQs

How does fixatmine work?

When you book with fixatmine, you pick a date & time for the car service/repair and specify a preferred location for the work to be performed, which could be your home or work location. We will send a fully qualified mechanic directly to your preferred location and complete the work. It's never been easier to get your car serviced or fixed.

Which areas do you service?

We currently serve the Melbourne metropolitan area, up to a distance of 30km from Melbourne CBD. Drop us an email at [email protected] if you live outside this area but would like to be notified when our services will launch in your suburb.

How can you fix my car in my driveway?

Believe it or not, up to 90% of car services and repairs can be done in your driveway, with hand-held tools or equipment that can fit into regular-sized vehicles. So, unless you're thinking of getting your entire engine replaced, we should be able to service or fix your car in your driveway.

I live in an apartment, can you service my car?

Our mechanics require a large enough area to service your vehicle, ideally the size of two parking lots. If you believe your apartment would have spare parking spaces (including one for the mechanic's vehicle), then we'll be able to service your vehicle.

How qualified are your mechanics?

Our mechanics are fully qualified and fully trained with a minimum of 3 years of work experience and are able to service most car makes and models.

How does payment work?

No payment is charged or collected at the time of booking. However, we securely request for your payment details at the time of booking to enable us to seamlessly process payment once your car has been serviced or repaired by one of our mechanics.

What if I don't know what the issue is with my car? Which repair type should I select?

In cases where you're unsure about the issue with your car, you can choose to book a diagnostic service where you can describe your issue in more detail during the booking process. Our mechanics will conduct a thorough diagnostic on your vehicle to identify the issue and will present you with an obligation-free, fixed-price quotation to repair your vehicle once the issue has been identified. If you decide to proceed with the repair, we will arrange for our mechanic to complete the repair for your vehicle.

What warranty do you offer?

All our repairs and services come with a 6-month warranty on parts and labour supplied. In the rare occasion that you need to make a warranty claim for a fixatmine service or repair, contact us directly on [email protected].